Executive Round-table Coaching, Small Business Recovery & Resilience Mentoring, and Personal Development Coaching for YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE.

With 35+ years experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors in New York, Hong Kong and Australia and presently running my own small business, it's time I I share my secrets and wisdom so you can thrive too.  

"Diane brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom

to everything she does. She equips and empowers you to live a balanced, authentic, and significant life.


Is it easy? No!

Is it worth it? OH YES!"


Brayk Throo


No matter if you’re an executive, a small business owner, or an influential woman in the community, the challenges always comes back to home and heart topics including personal health.  It's not easy juggling it all and trying desperately to find some sort of balance -- does it even exist?  How are you coping with all that is hapening within you and around you?

Are you masking your pain and/or struggles with drugs? alcohol? food? or just plain busyness?  Diane's own personal experience of overcoming addictions and trauma propels her to ask the tough questions so you too can Brayk Throo the facade, unmask your struggles in order to begin the journey towards freedom, truth, and clarity.


Isn't it time you start living the life you were created to live?

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As an Executive Coach for Halftime Australia, I can help move you from success to significance, help you discover and clarify your life purpose, succeed in your personal and business life and take your leadership to another level. I facilitate One-on-One and Virtual Roundtable Coaching​


If you are a small business owner within the Geelong region, you can book up to four (4) FREE two-hour sessions with me through the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.  I'll help you develop strategies for recovery, market transformation, help with digital literacy, supply chain diversification, upskill and connect you with other Government supports and local professional services.


There are times in life's journey when we could all use someone to guide us in the right direction, help us sort through issues, challenges or limiting beliefs, help us find our purpose, remind us of our identity and teach us how to gain confidence, find our voice, and so much more. Life was not meant to be lived in isolation. I can help you discover the treasures buried inside you, and empower you by providing tools and strategies to live the life of your dreams.  It really can happen.  No matter your circumstances.

It's time for you to be all you were created to be.  Send me an email and let's get started!

You don't have to wait. NOW is the time for you to live your BEST life!