It's ironic isn't it? We take our cars to mechanics, our bodies to doctors, our clothes to tailors, broken things to repairmen, our brains to teachers, and our teeth to dentists. But when was the last time you took your soul and spirit for a check-up? That's what this workbook is attempting to provide for you.


Seven sections each with questions for you to meditate on, marinate in and pray through.  Questions that will hopefully lead you to the answers you've been searching for all along.

When I wrote my first book, Unmasked; A Remarkable True Story of Transformation and Redemption, I realized that there have been certain 'landmark' learnings and disciplines that have helped me to understand who God is and who He created me to be.  This workbook provides space for you to learn, think about, and examine

  • the differences between Body, Soul & Spirit, 
  • how you're really doing
  • your identity
  • thought-provoking Scriptures, quotes, and questions
  • Action Steps & Goal setting exercises


If you find yourself weary, tired, confused or without purpose and direction, then maybe it's time to set some time aside and look in the mirror of God's Word; to get unmasked, and honest with yourself. 


Your best is yet to come!

Unmasked; Body, Soul & Spirit Workbook -PDF