I was born to create and I believe you were too!

I’ve created Art, Photography, Music, and anything else my hands can do to make something. I've created this website, the logos and my Facebook pages! ha!

I’ve used my creativity to lead organisations, mentor, speak to audiences, facilitate groups and launch small group communities where people are inspired, encouraged and challenged to tap into their own creativity and use it to heal, learn and ultimately impact the world around them.

I’ve worked in plush executive offices, maximum security prisons, rehabs, churches, schools, and in community centres. I have experience in the corporate world, not-for-profit sector and now starting my own small business.

I’ve travelled the world and lived in New York, Hong Kong and Australia.

That all sounds great...and it is...BUT for too many years, I allowed fear, insecurity, addictions, and excuses to stop me from being all I was created to be.


It wasn’t until I learned some secret keys and practices that my heart was unmasked and I was set free to be... me.

BraykThroo exists for YOU

It's about sharing my years of wisdom, experience and passion to help YOU breakthrough mindsets that keep you from thriving and being who you were created to be.

Dianne Spicer-17.jpg


You have creativity, gifts, and talent to share with the world. My job is to help you find them, and encourage you to get them out there.

The world needs what you have. 

The world is waiting for you!

BraykThroo has two main streams;

Art and Mentoring/Coaching


Social Painting Workshops/Parties

Speaking Events/Community Workshops​

The Whole Sex Talk parent groups (coming)


Personalised Ink House Portraits

Minimalist Art​


Quality prints and products sold through 

Fine Art America (world-wide shipping), Red Bubble

Local Gallery Exhibits



The Whole Sex Talk (https://www.thewholesextalk.com/)

The Biblical Feasts - Passover How-To Guide & Seder Haggadah

Body, Soul and Spirit Workbook


Executive Coaching (Halftime Australia)

Geelong Chamber of Commerce Mentor



Zoom Group

Live webcasts and webinars​

Unmasked Challenge & Summit

We were created to live in community.

Don’t do life alone. It’s too hard!

Reach out. Get connected.

This is your year for BRAYKTHROO!