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I'm Here For You...

Diane Spicer smiling, sitting on a chair

Diane Spicer is a dynamic Italian American New Yorker at heart, whose life did a complete 180; transitioning from corporate board rooms to her laundry room, from sex, drugs and rock & roll to becoming an ordained minister & passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

With a background of childhood sexual abuse which led to addiction and other destructive behaviours, she found freedom and healing when she surrendered all, gave her life to Christ, and forgave her offender. 

In 2004, following God's lead, she left New York with her family, and they now embrace Australia as home. She is the mother of two amazing adult children, a doting grandmother, and a tenacious apostolic trailblazer passionately living as God's Ambassador.


Diane runs her own Personal Development Coaching business, contracted as an Executive Coach with Halftime Australia, as a Mentor for the City of Geelong Chamber of Commerce, and as Personal Development Coach for Christians who long to see their God-given dreams fulfilled.

The hardships and failures she overcame in her own life give her unique insight and wisdom that can help anyone breakthrough and become all they were created to be. Diane coaches, speaks and writes to equip and inspire others to live redeemed from their past, and step into living authentic Kingdom lives.

Because she is foremost a passionate lover of life and people, her remarkable stories have been heard on radio internationally (LightFM, 96.3, Vision Radio), as a presenter on GOD TV globally (Moving Mountains), in churches, schools, community centres, prisons, conferences, and government offices (Dept of Corrections and Victorian Law Reform Committee).


Diane has pioneered numerous ground-breaking community projects and spent ten-years managing, developing and delivering life-skills and support programmes to prisoners at Juvenile and Maximum-Security Men's and Women's Prisons, and initiating installation of GOD TV into prison cells throughout Australia (11,000 prisoners now have access!)

Diane has used her creativity to lead organisations, mentor, speak to audiences, facilitate groups and launch small group communities where people are inspired, encouraged and challenged to tap into their own creativity and use it to heal, learn and ultimately impact the world around them.

She has worked in plush executive offices, maximum security prisons, rehabs, churches, schools, and in community centres. Diane has experience in the corporate world, not-for-profit sector and small business.


Diane shares her inspiring spiritual journey in her recently published autobiography titled, ‘UNMASKED. A Remarkable True Story of Transformation and Redemption.'

In her spare time, she is having fun, sharing good food around a big table with family and friends, or is quietly doing something creative; painting, photography, playing guitar -- all in awe and extremely grateful to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus! 

That all sounds great...and it is...BUT in her own words, for far too many years, she allowed fear, insecurity, addictions, and excuses to stop her from being all she was created to be.


"It wasn’t until I learned a few secret keys and practices that my heart was unmasked and I was set free to be... me.", Diane says.

"My Coaching and Mentoring exists for YOU! It's about sharing my years of wisdom, lived-experience and passion to help YOU breakthrough mindsets and circumstances that keep you from thriving and being who you were created to be."

Diane Spicer offers you:


Unmasked (more than a) Women's Conference

Body, Soul & Spirit Roundtable Mentoring

Personalised One-to-One Mentoring


Executive Coaching (Halftime Australia)

Geelong Chamber of Commerce Mentoring

Personalised One-to-One Coaching


​UnMasked; A remarkable true story of transformation & redemption

The Whole Sex Talk (DVD series)

The Biblical Feasts - Passover How-To Guide & Seder Haggadah

Body, Soul and Spirit Workbook


(coming in 2024!)


Speaking Events

Community Workshops​

Radio Interviews



Key-Note Speaker

Live webcasts and webinars​​ (coming soon!)

We were created to live in community.
Don’t do life alone. Let's connect!

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