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Are you in a change of season? Transition? or finally in a position to turn your dreamer back on?


Join me in launching Women @ Halftime Australia!!   Our pilot group is up and running and we're ready to start another group for 2024!!!


As part of the Women @ Halftime Global Community, we use the book by authors Carolyn Castleberry-Hux and Shayne Moore, to provide a safe group coaching setting.  We share stories of the authentic feelings and difficulties during whatever season you’re in, and we outline a tested and refined process to help get you unstuck; to help you get clear on who you are, and who are aren't! and what it is that GOD is leading you to.


Group coaching is different from teaching, mentoring, or discipleship. It's moving you from where you are… to where you want to be. no matter what that means for you.  And your age does not matter, either.  We have women in their 30s, all the way up to Linda Buford who is 90 going through this community in the USA? So, it really is about where you are, and the path you want to take in this next season.


God isn't finished with you yet. We want to help you finish your race well – using all the gifts and talents He has given you!


Consider starting the New Year off right!  Examine yourself.  Are you on the right path to accomplish what God has created you to do??


All the info you need is HERE (click Join the Community, then choose the second option "Facilitated via Zoom by Diane Spicer, Halftime Australia"


Or purchase (for FREE) and I'll contact you with further details. 


Hope to see you there!

Women @ Halftime Virtual Roundtable

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