Diane Spicer


I'm passionate about providing spaces for you to explore, engage, learn from one another and have fun. 


BraykThroo has expanded into three streams; Art, Business and Spirituality.  

On these pages, you'll see

  • ART - Social Painting  & Craft Parties, Workshops, Commission Art/Photography.  With more than 50 years of experimenting, creating and sharing my love of art,  it's time for you to enjoy and join the fun.

  • BUSINESS - Round-table Mentoring, and other Small Business workshops.  With 30+ years experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors in New York, Hong Kong and Australia and presently running my own small business, it's time I share some secrets and wisdom so you & your business can thrive too.  

  • SPIRITUALITY - weekly encouragement blogs, e-books, live webcasts and podcasts for modern-day followers of Jesus Christ

Everything I do & offer has one thing in common - it exists for your benefit!

We are inclusive, non-judgmental, welcoming and will help you break-through obstacles and challenges in your ART, BUSINESS or WALK OF FAITH so you can thrive!

Oh, and for those of you waiting for my book…..

it’s with a Publisher and getting reviewed (oh my goodness! ha!). 

This is the year for breakthrough (BraykThroo) FOR ME … AND FOR YOU!!!

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