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Jiminy Cricket!

As reported by Senior News Reporter, Carly Bass, in Yahoo News! Australian, “an Aussie city has been overrun with swarms of crickets in recent days sending baffled residents into a panic. Last week, she reports, similar scenes unfolded with invasive white butterflies.

My whole garden was inundated with the white butterflys, and I took several photos of them and even posted a video with a song lyric, “Fly, Fly, little butterfly, fly, fly away!”  I recalled the conversations I had with like-minded sisters, sensing we were in some sort of spiritual cocoon for the last 10 years, being liquified, transfigured, morphed into Christlikeness.

When I saw the butterflies, I felt like the time had finally come for those of us who were in these cocoons to leave the cocoons behind, burst forth and FLY!  FREE!

I believe we are in a season now where much is being exposed or to put it biblically, “Everything that is hidden will be shown, and everything that is secret will be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in an inner room will be shouted from the housetops.” (Luke 12:2-3)

Not very comfortable for those who are hiding sin behind a religious mask of some sort…

but for those who have been hidden and have repented, been crying out in their secret places, and have whispered in an inner room because there was just no breath left during the storm… this is your time!!

The news article continues, “Extremely high numbers of the "fairly big" critters [crickets] have been invading streets, homes, schools and even hospitals in various suburbs across Melbourne with videos and photos shared online showing the extent of the wild "plague".

The scenes have been described as "something out of a horror movie" by some, with others labelling the swarms "terrifying". However Professor Ary Hoffmann from Melbourne University said the reaction he's seen has "worried" him.

"It's a whole lot of panic for nothing," the biology professor told Yahoo News Australia, condemning those who've resorted to harming or otherwise killing the insects. "To call it a plague is just ridiculous. It's part of a natural cycle." He says.


He goes on to say that there is a simple reason for huge cricket numbers. “A wetter winter and spring combined with more mild conditions is the driving force behind the population growth, Hoffmann explained. The cricket population was well-fed and higher numbers survived the season – and now they're out to explore.”

Does that last line sound familiar?  Think about it in spiritual terms.  Those, who in their ‘winter season’ were well-fed and those who have survived incredible life storms even stronger in their faith, are coming out to explore new territory! 

Is that you?  Are you one of the ‘hidden crickets’? I know I am.

The article goes on to say that these crickets “eat plant matter, including our lawn, and are usually hidden in the ground so "people don't notice them very much. But they're always there," he said.

Hmmm… sounds like a whole tribe of remnant believers who have been hidden for the last 10 years or so… those who in their churches or families haven’t been noticed very much… but they’re always there.

"What happens then is when it gets warm, they come out of the ground, they congregate around lights, they congregate around water," he continued.

I mean c’mon! they gather around the LIGHT? and LIVING WATER? (Sounds like a Bride congregating around Jesus, to me!)

"They tend to go inside and follow the light into the buildings and it's just part of a natural cycle".

Follow the Light… yep.  And go into the buildings… yep.  And do what Jesus did when He went into the synagogues of His day. Yep. Isn’t that what we are called to?

The next quote in the article was also intriguing… “But right now it's just very hard for people in the city to miss them [the crickets].”

If you’re reading this and you are ‘getting this’ then maybe you’re a part of the Bride of Christ crickets longing for her Groom and ready to stand, and make some noise.

And get this… crickets… make all that chirping noise for 3 reasons:

1.   A male is trying to attract a female

2.   A male is about to fight another male

3.   They are warning others about a threat.

All three of these speak to me. What about you?

Lastly, in the same article titled “Aussies blasted for ‘ridiculous’ act as city overrun by swarms of crickets.” Melbournians are being accused of ‘killing’ the critters… 


Jiminy Cricket!!!! – oh wait, do you know where that saying originated? According to the Urban Dictionary, it's a way of swearing, without swearing. Instead of saying "Jesus Christ!" you say "Jiminy Cricket!" Both words have the same initials. It's also a “minced oath for "Jesus Christ," expressing surprise, shock, or astonishment.”

Yep. It’s all about crickets today! Ha!

And speaking of Jiminy Cricket… wasn’t he appointed by the blue haired fairy, to be the official conscience for Pinocchio, the little boy, stuck inside of wood, who then became a ‘real boy’??  Wasn't Jiminy the voice of truth and morals, offering advice and trying to steer Pinocchio away from trouble? I’ll save that for another day.

Crickets, arise! And chirp, chirp, chirp away!

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