This book is dedicated to anyone seeking a real, raw, walking-with-God, adventure. It’s for anyone willing to take off their masks and live the life God created them to live. Unmasked is my first book; an autobiography that reads like a novel.  300+ pages of my life's journey - filled with adventure, stories of trauma, and an underlying hope for something more.


I spent most of my life wearing masks.

*A Family Mask (Saying everything was fine even though it wasn't.)

*A Corporate Mask (Becoming someone I wasn't to do what you wanted me to do.)

*A Religious Mask (Going to church, doing the required duties, and acting holy when in reality I was dying inside.)


Most of us wear masks. We hide our true self because of insecurity. We hide because of fear. We hide addictions and compulsive behaviours and what we don't like about ourselves. We also hide what we THINK others won't like about us. And then...we suffer the consequences.


We were not created to be hidden. We're created to thrive in a safe community where we are accepted and loved just as we are; warts and all.  We were created to live abundant lives; not fearful lives. I believe it's time.