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Are you a Geelong Small Business Owner?

Small Business Mentoring


With Small Business Recovery & Resilience Mentoring, YOU are entitled to:

  • Four (4) FREE two-hour mentoring sessions (with me or choose from a list of others)

  • help to make informed decisions about the future of your business

  • encouragement and guidance as you navigate economic and leadership challenges

  • resources to reach new customers and markets

  • tailored guidance on upskilling and/or retraining and lots more!



Rachel, CEO

Diane brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom to everything she does. She equips and empowers you to live a balanced, authentic, and significant life.

Is it easy? Not always!

Is it worth it? OH YES!

Jayne, Founder

My small business was on the edge.  Diane helped  to get me focused, clarify my priorities, and turned it all around.

Can't thank you enough!

Hilary, Leader

I’m no longer second guessing myself –

what a great relief!! 

Thank you for all you

sow into me.

Diane Spicer_PS1A3050.jpg

Whether you’re a C-level executive, running a small business, an influential woman in a faith-based community, or a stay-at-home-entrepeneur, the challenges of leading, managing stakeholders, decision making, and juggling it all can be overwhelming!  Have you been desperately trying to find some sort of balance? Does it even exist?  How well are you coping with stress? change? and all that is happening around you?

Do you ever numb your pain or struggles with drugs? alcohol? food? or just keep busy so you don't have to face reality?  

I've been there.  Done that.  I promise you...there is a much better way!

My personal experience overcoming addictions, managing trauma and applying new coping skills, all while in management and CEO roles, propels me to ask you the tough questions -- so that you too can get rid of the facade, unmask your struggles, and get the help you deserve!  Don't just survive day in and day out -- there's so much more waiting for you --  it's time for you to THRIVE!

Let's connect below.  Let's begin your journey towards freedom, truth, and may not be as hard as you think!

Can we get real?



If you are a small business owner within the Geelong region, you can book up to four (4) FREE two-hour sessions with me through the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.  Together, we will develop strategies for recovery, market transformation, offer help and resources with digital literacy, supply chain diversification, upskill and connect with other Government supports and local professional services.

Don't wait! NOW is the time for you to live your BEST life!

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