Do you hide parts of your heart or life because you fear what others might think?


To some extent, we all wear masks to hide what we don't like about ourselves. Or, we hide what we think others will not like about us.


Well, it's time to come out from behind our masks and be the men or women we were created to be;  You-nique, Marvel-us, Be-YOU-tiful, FEAR-less and Wonder-full!

That's who we are when we live an unmasked life. 

Are you ready to be unmasked?

Unmasked is my first book; a spiritual autobiography written for all who are seeking the freedom to just... be...  

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With so much conflicting information about whether Christians should celebrate Jewish Feasts, which is the right or wrong way to celebrate, and whether to use Hebrew or Greek translations and traditions, I did what I normally do when I need instruction; I pushed all the man-made teachings aside, opened the Bible and asked Holy Spirit to teach me. 

I created a Passover How-To Guide and a Passover Seder Haggadah, an e-book that takes you through the 15 required steps for the Seder Meal which is part of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

I’m no expert… but the more I sought the truth, the more amazed I became at the incredible symbolism and prophetic nature of each element of the Feast.  I’ve was led to various Scripture references and used them throughout the Haggadah to back up what I’ve learned (and I’m still learning).  I encourage you to look up each verse and Selah (stop and think about it; meditate on it) allowing Holy Spirit to teach you as you go through it.

Most Christian churches will never teach you about these “Jewish” Feasts. Replacement theology accepts that the church has replaced Israel in God’s plan.  However, I concluded from my studies that if Jesus, a Jew, celebrated the Feasts (Luke 22:15), and I’m His follower… well, you get the idea.  Anything that leads me to a greater understanding and appreciation for Christ’s life, death and resurrection and the future promise of His coming is worth my time and investment!